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Gift Cards
Fleet Cards
Discount Tokens
Gift Cards make that perfect gift for virtually any occasion! Purchase Gift Cards in any amount  $20 or over.

Contact us and mention you saw our website, and get 15% added to your card value! 
Contact Us to Order (405) 235-5028 or Toll Free (866) 741-6522

Save with tokens purchased on  site at the car washes (except N. Western location).

At Carwashes:
$5 = $5.25 worth
$10 = $11.25 worth
$20 = $23.25 worth

Contact us today to fill out a fleet application!  Your company will have the flexibility to either be billed at the end of every month or to pre-pay a card for a set amount every month.  In our fleet program, you will receive a detailed activity report with all wash activity on each card.
Spend over $1,000 per month on your fleet account and you will receive 15% off your total bill.